Elevate your retirement

Australian Unity has been proudly taking care of the needs of Australians for over 175 years now, and continue to deliver care and commitment through providing outstanding retirement communities. The reality is, a good retirement should be seen as a beginning. You’ve worked hard, so retirement should be the time to reap the rewards for all that hard work.

Of course how you choose to live your retirement is your call. It means different things to different people and one of the very best ways to retire is in an Australian Unity retirement community.

Not just because of the wonderful lifestyle, the community connections and the great opportunities it provides, but also the peace of mind and security that it brings.

In financial terms, the cost to secure your interest in an Australian Unity retirement community is almost always lower than the purchase price of a similar residential property in the same location, while also having access to a variety of amenities and benefits.

All costs associated with purchasing a property in an Australian Unity retirement community will be upfront and transparent at the time of purchase. We want you to be fully informed and aware of any financial agreement you undertake with us. It is always recommended that you seek legal and financial advice before you enter into any agreement.

The following three costs are involved in a retirement community purchase:

Entry Price

This is a single upfront payment, which is also known as an ingoing contribution. It secures your place in the retirement community. Unlike a regular residential property sale or purchase where you pay stamp duty, there’s no stamp duty payable on the entry payment. The entry price will be the largest single payment that you will make.

Ongoing Fees

These are weekly or monthly fees that contribute to the running costs of the community. They are similar to the ongoing costs involved in maintaining your family home. The fees help ensure that there are no unexpected costs and they cover such things as maintenance of common areas and building insurance for all homes. All residents pay these fees and collectively approve the operating budget each year, deciding how money should be allocated in their particular community.

Deferred Fee

Residents pay this fee when they leave the community and their apartment has been sold to a new resident. Unlike the purchase of a residential apartment where the developer takes the profit from the purchase price on settlement day, Australian Unity delivers a more affordable home upfront, taking its profit when you leave the community. It is our way of ensuring that more people can access exceptional retirement living in the area of their choice.

The deferred fee is usually a percentage of the entry price, an upfront fee agreed upon by Australian Unity and the resident. We also offer specific timeframes regarding the sales process for almost all of our retirement communities.

Moving In

Our staff at The Grace Albert Park Lake are here to ensure the transition to your new home and lifestyle is as smooth and stress-free as possible. Here are a few practical suggestions that may ease the move for you

  • Create a countdown checklist or moving planner that lists all the tasks and dates so you can pace your move
  • Decide early if you will refurnish or keep your furniture
  • Schedule your move on a weekday when banks, utilities and services are readily available

The staff at The Grace Albert Park Lake will work with you prior to your arrival to book in your “moving in date”. We will help facilitate access for your preferred services supplier on the day of connection (e.g. Subscription TV, NBN and Landline). On arrival day we will liaise with the removalist and handle all the logistics involved, and support you with any unforeseen issues that may arise.

During the following days, we will introduce you to the team and arrange a tour of the whole property. We will walk you through our emergency procedures and, when you are ready, introduce you to other residents and book your wellness consultation.